Monday, September 16, 2013

Home from Boston

       Happy Monday! I am exhausted tonight and think I am heading to bed early tonight. Nothing crafty this weekend but the weekend was awesome with my son, Dan. Arrived in Boston on Thursday and had dinner out that night at Not Your Average Joe's Restaurant. Delicious! Friday we took a Duck Boat Tour of Boston and then went through the Science Museum. That was fun! Saturday we drove to Connecticut to sail with Tom's brother Bill for the day. Perfect day and the company was great! Had dinner in Mystic Seaport and then drove home to Dan's apartment in Boston. Sunday we sadly watched our beloved Colts lose to Miami. We watched part of the Manning Bowl before heading to downtown Boston for dinner and then a walk through downtown and the wharf. Gorgeous night and such fun!
      And then there was the drama of today. We were up early this morning and left for the airport around 7 am. The first flight took us to Reagan International Airport in Washington D.C. We landed and the captain said that we'd be sitting on the tarmac for a while because no gates were open. We had a very short time span between flights so we were slightly worried about making our next flight. Even though the flight attendants didn't say anything, it trickled through the plane that the airport had been closed because of the tragedy at the Naval Shipyards which is near the airport. We sat for about a half hour before the plane moved and the planes started taking off again. By the time we got off the plane we had to board the next one so we took off from Washington D.C. about 45 minutes late and about 45 minutes late into Indianapolis. Not too bad. Made it home by 3:30 pm and found out that Tom's work was locked down with a shooting threat. Tom wasn't there but my son Steve was. Nothing happened but they took the threat seriously and Steve said when he left there were 4 police cars in the parking lot. No one is allowed in without their badge.
      It's been quite a day and I am exhausted. I do hope to get back to crafting tomorrow night after heading back to work tomorrow. Hope you've had a great start to your week. Please pray for those who lost their lives today and their families. They are definitely in mine.



Stef H said...

don't cha just love that mystic seaport??? sounds like a gorgeous trip. how was your birthday????

glad everyone is SAFE!

hugs :)

Glenda Atkins said...

What a long trek home, I can see why you are exhausted, so glad everyone was safe, it's a scary world out there!

Shelly Schmidt said...

Glad your son was safe- and still keeping the people injured and killed in prayers. OMG- we did the Duck tour in Boston- we were quacking thru town and got a kick out of the fact there was a 'No Quacking' Zone : ) Glad you are home and had a great B-day!

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