Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shower Gift & Card

Well, I'm finally getting a chance to show you what I worked all weekend on. The Saturday after Thanksgiving I am hosting a bridal shower with my sisters-in-law in Cincinnati for my husband's nephew's fiance. And I came up with this gift.

It's a collection of products whose brand or name work into a letter to the bride. She reads the letter out loud and when she comes to a number she opens the gift with that number. Here's the letter:

Dear Jen,
Troy asked you to marry him and you said “Yes.” We’re so ___1___ you will be part of our family.
You are entering a new ___2___. There will come a time in your marriage when you will discover that Troy is not ___3___. Don't ___4___ or send out an ___5___; just ___6___ up Cindy for advice.
Here's another piece of advice for you: when things start to get a little hectic, remember your ___7___ to give Troy your ___8___. After this, things should be simply ___9___. Because, let's face it, Troy is your ___10___!
Also remember, to share a ___11___ at ___12___. A ___13___ isn't bad
Well, the best of luck and good fortune in the years to come. May Troy
always bring you ___14___. We wish you love, happiness, and a marriage that is forever filled with ___15___ and ___16___.

Love always,

The products that are in each number are:
1.Glad (cling wrap)
2. Era (laundry detergent)
3. Mr. Clean (cleaner)
4. Shout (laundry pretreat)
5. SOS (cleaner)
6. Dial (soap)
7. Pledge (dusting polish)
8. All (laundry detergent)
9. Fantastik (cleaner)
10. Honey
11. Snuggle (fabric softener)
12. Dawn (dish detergent)
13. Quickie (cleaning aids)
14. Cheer (laundry detergent
15. Joy (dish detergent)
16. Sparkle (paper towels)

I guess it would help to explain that Jen is the bride, Troy is the groom, and Cindy is Troy's mother.
I made tags for each of the gifts, wrapped them, and gathered them all in the basket. Here's some examples of the tags. Every tag was different.

And of course I made a card. One of the wrapping papers I used had the bride and groom outfit on. I cut those out and used them on the card too. I thought it came out great! I hope Jen likes it!
Thanks for stopping in. Hope you are having a wonderful week.
Happy Inking!


Lindy said...

What a wonderful gift! She will love it and remember it forever!!
Linda (MGC)

Lilacanglia said...

absolutely wonderful,
she will be so pleased with all of this, what a great idea, and wonderful work,

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