Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Favorite Day in Kauai

Our ninth day in Hawaii was my absolute favorite. We had an appointment to be part of a guided tour in the afternoon. In the morning we did some sight seeing on the east side of the island.

This was our first look at the Wailua River from a roadside scenic view stop. After leaving Indiana behind with it's winter weather, the sight of green grass and trees was wonderful!

This is Opaeka'a Falls. It was kind of cloudy that day so not such a bright picture.

Here we are with the falls in the background.

And what would the day without a beach. I think this was the Kapa'a Beach Park.
And then we got to go on our kayaking trip.

We were in a group of twelve in 6 double kayaks. We changed into our swim suits but we didn't tip the kayak on the whole trip.

 We paddled up the river to a spot where we pulled our kayaks up and tied them together. After a snack we started hiking.

We crossed this stream several times. The current was pretty swift and there were ropes in spots to help you stay on your feet.

Our guide gave us all kinds of fun anecdotes about flora and fauna. Did you know that there are 65,000 residents on the island if Kauai but there are 350,000 wild pigs on the island. We never saw any of them. The hike was well worth it! This was at the end of it.

This is Secret Falls. It's over 100 feet to the top. And we got to swim under it. The water was very cold and I almost chickened out. But I got to thinking that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I'd never be able to do this again. So out we went.

Our guide had our camera and the sign to take our picture was to put our hands in the air.

What an amazing experience! Very fun!

One last look before we started the hike back. We hiked bike through some of the stream that we crossed several times.

This part of the island had been inhabited by the ancient Hawaiians so there were areas where rocks had been placed for tiers and gardens.

And the way back on the river. We got back from the trip around 6 pm so we drove back north to Hanalei Bay and had dinner. It rained most of the evening so no sunsets this night. Thanks for stopping by to see my favorite part of my trip!



Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

This was the vacation I would want in Hawaii. My DB and SIL went and just stayed in a commercial surrounding. You got on the outside and did wonderful things. How can I find your agenda? How did you know about these things? My DH and I are celebrating our 33rd anniversary....humm...we are still thinking and looking how to celebrate even if it is much later.

Stef H said...

so tell me how much weight you lost on your vacation with all this hiking???? you look fabulous! totally awesome pictures!

did you ever get to see any of the HAWAII FIVE O gang? or r they in a different part of hawaii????

anyway, you are a great photographer and guide. i actually feel like i'm there with you!

hugs :)

Debbie said...

Beautiful pics!! So glad you had a great vacation!!

Shelly Schmidt said...

Wow- this is my kind of day- this looks amazing! Back from China and trying to catch up on blogging...!

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