Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day Camp Craft Project

We interrupt my one sheet wonder cards for something a little different. I can hardly believe that day camp is only a few weeks away and I am deeply entrenched in getting ready. This Saturday (less than 2 days away!) is the training for all the volunteers and I need everything ready to do a show and tell. Yikes! So tonight I thought I would share our main craft for Monday and Tuesday during camp. Each girl will be making their own envelope scrapbook for the week. They will get to choose three envelopes (all donated by a lovely lady who stocks cards for grocery stores, drug stores, etc.) in whatever colors they'd  like. I chose 3 of the same color (off white) envelopes for my scrapbook and I adhered two flaps to the front of another envelope with school glue and glue sticks.

So they look like this with 3 pockets on the inside. Then I decorated the front with wall paper. If you were around last year you might remember we used wall paper books to make sit upons. Sherwin Williams was nice enough to give us a bunch of wallpaper sample books and of course we had lots left over. So I cut the wall paper to cover the fronts of the envelopes.

Since I was going to use the owl I picked out 3 different wood-grain sheets. I just really liked that look with the owl. The owl is a Doodle Pantry image and I colored him with crayons. The girls will be using crayons or markers. I added some rick rack to tie the booklet closed (glued under the wall paper). We have tons of donated ribbon and ric rac to use for this.  So here's the finished product.

The girls have 40 minutes to complete each activity so if they have extra time they can decorate a bit more. I left the inside plain because later in the week we have a naturalist that will be doing animal tracks with the girls. She will be bringing track stamps that the girls will be able to decorate the inside of their scrapbooks with the animal tracks. And if you can't read the little sticker it says "Girl Scout Critter Camp". That's our theme and each unit will be picking an animal for the week. I'm going to find a picture of their animal so that each unit's scrapbooks will be different. So there is our first big craft. I am excited about this one because I hope it will be something they keep as a remembrance. We take each units picture and the girls each get a copy. Something to add to their scrapbook. And I am sure they will collect more things as the week progresses. I'm going to enter this into the Simon Says Stamp and Show challenge. The challenge this week is called "Into the Woods."  Perfect for camp!

Thanks for stopping by! Here's hoping that your Friday is super and then make it a wonderful weekend!



Glenda Atkins said...

What a wonderful and creative project, what a great
Scout leader you are, the girls must love you! I know I would have:O)

Stef H said...

wow! wow! I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!


hugs :)

Rosie Guiher said...

Donna I love the envelope idea and have seen it on a craft show ages ago and want to do something like this with my gs. You did a great job on yours. Love the fronts with the bark theme. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of it. Your are one great scout leader. Have fun. Would love to see what the girls come up with.

Dawn Frost said...

What a great project, I've GOT to try this! Thanks for sharing Donna!

Sarah said...

Great idea and I love the owl. Thanks for joining us at Simon Says Stamp & Show.

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