Monday, February 2, 2009

A Year in Cards

Recently I found a site called Two Peas in a Bucket and they are offering several year long classes on different topics. The one that interested me the most was A Year in Cards. The class is posted on the 15th of each month and then you work on your "homework" throughout the month. It's designed to increase your stash of cards so you're ready for any possible event. The class that was posted on January 15th was about the basics; what you need to make cards successfully. Kristina, the teacher, gave us three sketches to work with and you upload your final projects for a chance to win prizes. I had great fun working with the sketches and made 4 cards. Here are my cards from the sketches from the first class.

I'm not sure why the two at the bottom are showing up so big. They are really only 3x3. I've never made that size before and now I have to make envelopes to fit them because of course I don't have any that size. But they are so cute. My favorite card is the Unforgettable elephant. I think he turned out so cute!

So if you like to create cards from sketches, would like to take a free online class about card-making, or want a chance to win some prizes. Check out Two Peas in a Bucket. The link above goes right to A Year in Cards class, but you might want to check out their other classes, too. They all look like fun and they each start at a different time of the month so you could do them all if you wanted to. Thanks for stopping in to check up on me. Take care!

Happy inking,


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Courtney said...

All of these are so pretty!

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