Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow, snow, and more snow...

It's been snowing for almost two days straight now and after so many ice storms this winter and no snow our "wish" finally came true. We got more than a foot of the lovely white stuff. It's finally stopped falling here and hopefully that will be it for a while. I shoveled part of the driveway last night but we got almost a foot overnight so it was back to shovelling this afternoon.

We had an unprecedented day off today from Indiana University. It hardly ever closes, but it did today. Hopefully I'll get to play with some cards this evening. For those of you in the tropics, enjoy the scenery and send some warm air our way, PLEASE!

The top two pictures were taken out my front door while it was still snowing this morning. The bottom picture is taken from our back door off the deck. It's not often that we get this much snow at one time. Until next time... thanks for stopping by.

Happy inking,


Bev T. said...

Boy, do these photos bring back memories of my youth and all the snow I shoveled back then -- I can honestly say I do not miss it at all!!!

Bev T.

Meda said...

It's beautiful! We only had scarce snow this year.

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