Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

Life can get in the way of blogging! But I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and my wishes to you for a very Happy New Year. Several of the blogs I read are talking about resolutions. And I thought my #1 resolution should be to improve me blog. Posting more often will certainly help! My #2 resolution is to use my craftiness to help others. I love making cards for the military and have sent numerous cards to agencies that send cards to them. I hope to do that more often this year and maybe branch out to help others also.

I wanted to share some of the beautiful hand-made Christmas cards I received. So here goes:

This card is from a young girl that I've known for a very long time. Audrey does lovely work for one so young. I'm pleased that she enjoys making cards. She made this card for her family to send for Christmas. Great job, Audrey!

This card is from a friend from the Yahoogroup Making Greeting Cards. Thanks so much Bev. I love the colors!

This card is from my friend Elaine Long. I can't imagine the amount of work she put into this card. It's just amazing!

This lovely card was from a swap that I did with the Making Greeting Cards Yahoogroup. Holly sent me this card from the UK. It certainly brightened my day. A huge thank you to Holly!

I'll post more cards in a little while. This post will get too long if I do all of them at one time. Be back later with more.
Happy Inking,

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