Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kauai Day 8

This day we actually went 'swimming' in the ocean. We got into our bathing suits and went to yet another beach (by this time it felt like we had seen about 150 different beaches). This was a great beach for snorkeling. Too bad we didn't have any equipment. There was a reef which kind of stopped the waves from coming too powerfully into the shore so it made it easier to walk out into the water. But the reef was so close that it wasn't very deep. I'm not a fan of swimming in the ocean. I just don't like how my skin feels with the salt so we didn't do much ocean swimming.

The darker blue is the reef. You can see Tom standing out by the reef.

There was a boat lane and dock near the beach. So that channel was pretty deep.

It was a windy day that way too.

And from that beach we could see the Kilauea Lighthouse in the distance. We had visited that earlier in the week. After the beach we went back to the condo to get cleaned up because it was luau night. We went to Smith's Luau. Not exactly a Hawaiian name but they explained that they didn't use the Hawaiian name because no one would remember it. But everyone would remember Smith.

 The Smith's property was thirty acres of gorgeous gardens. From 5pm to 6pm you could walk through the gardens and enjoy the scenery. Lots of flora and fauna to see.

This is an ahu ahhu statue. It was in the Polynesian section of the gardens.

At 6pm was the imu ceremony when they uncover the pig pit. So they scrap off all the sand and take out the pig.

At dinner we were serenaded by wonderful Hawaiian music. All you wanted to eat: Kahlua pork, terriyaki beef and a chicken dish, poi, and lomi lomi salmon. Lots of different desserts including rice pudding that was baked with the pig in the pit.
After dinner there was a show. Not many pictures of the show because the lighting wasn't good for pictures. But here is some of the cast after the show.

Tom was hoping to get his picture taken with the girls with the coconut bra. LOL! Hope you enjoy Day 8. Two more days to go! Thanks for stopping!


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Stef H said...

how did i miss this post? i want to go to hawaii! absolutely gorgeous. you're a fabulous photographer!

hugs :)

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