Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 2 on the Beach(es)

I think we finally figured out our Internet problem, at least until we leave this place and move to our next area. We have 2 more days here near Waimea before we drive and stay near Princeville. We are actually on day 3 but I wasn't able to post about day 2 so I'll do that first. We did and saw a lot yesterday. We visited a number of beaches, three of which are on the best beach list.
After a bone-jarring ride we arrived at this beautiful white-sand beach very early in the morning. This is Polihale Beach. There was one guy surfing but not many other around yet. The road was mostly lava rock so very bumpy and the closer we got the more sandy the road became. We were worried about getting stuck so we didn't stay here very long. That's Tom on the beach taking a picture of me taking a picture. It's become a game with us now. LOL! The beach is the very last one in western Kauai before the Na Pali coast line begins. We really haven't seen much of the coast line yet but we did get a pic of some cliffs near this beach.

So we drove back along the southern shoreline toward Waimea and passed the Barking Sands Pacific Missile Range Facility. We watched a big lumbering airplane practicing touchdown and then lifting again. A very big and slow-moving plane. We stopped at several smaller beaches along the southern shore but I didn't really take many pictures at those. Until we got to Salt Pond Beach Park where we met this new friend.

This harbor seal was just having himself a grand time sunning. He was totally oblivious to all the people around him. But someone had put up an orange cone perimeter so that you couldn't get too near him. I wasn't able to get pictures but later in the day at another beach we were able to see sea turtles poking their heads up for air in the surf. And there were so many we couldn't count them all. But they never came out of the water for us to get a good picture.
This is the Spouting Horn Beach Park. The waves have created underground caves that spout through areas in the rock. Some of the waves produce some really spectacular displays. I doubt any of my pictures do it justice.

Our next stoop was the National Tropical Botanical Gardens. We arrived here kind of late on the day so we only walked around the outside area and took pictures of some of the flowers. But it was absolutely beautiful!

Please don't ask me what the names are. LOL! I haven't the foggiest. The first one is probably a hibiscus (maybe). I'm definitely not a horticulturist.

Our last stop was Po'ipu Beach Park. Great place to boogie board and surf.

Lots of people riding the waves here. This area has tons of hotels and condos to stay at. This was originally where we were going to stay but we needed one more night that they weren't able to give us. This is where we saw all the turtles off shore. That's about it for day 2. We have been trying to eat 2 meals at the cottage and one out. We had lunch out today. We went to a little place in Waimea that the lady from the State Park yesterday recommended. It was called Obsessions. Tom had this massive breakfast plate called the Ultimate Loco Moca. It had hamburger, Portuguese sausage, eggs, rice and some kind of gravy (everything but the kitchen sink.) I had an excellent rueben sandwich.
Thanks for stopping by and following our adventures. Hope you have a super weekend!


Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Oh wow!!! I missed this days very cool. I almost feel like I'm there with you!

Pat (mspfd) said...

Enjoyed today's wonderful photos.

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