Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 4 Rain, Rain Go Away

The weather turned nasty today with severe thunderstorm warnings and downpours of rain. The good news is that even though we were wet the temperatures aren't cold. It's been in the 60s and 70s. I think there will be more rain overnight and tomorrow. Tomorrow is a travel day for us. We'll be moving to a new location on the northern shore of Kauai in Princeville. But here's what we did today in the rain.
Our first stop was at a farmer's market near Lihue. It was raining cats and dogs but fortunately a friend told us to be sure to have rain gear before we left. So we have rain coats on had. The market was fun despite the rain. Beautiful plants and fruits and veggies for sale. Here are some of the flowers.

We bought a couple of fruit and vegetables there too. More about those shortly.

Our next stop was a little town called Koloa. It's mostly shops. We walked through and found a roasted nut shop. We bought some nuts. They had over 30 varieties and you could taste all of them. A couple of pictures in Koloa because we managed to get there when it wasn't raining.

They had some historical items on display that were kind of neat.

This was a laundry room a very long time ago.

We had lunch at a little restaurant called Grinds Cafe. One of my friends at home suggested we stop here. She had been to Kauai a number of times. Tom had a Kahlua pork skillet and I had a French Dip sandwich. Both were excellent and very filling. Afterwards we just took a drive in the rain.

You can see what kind of day it was. So we drove back to our cottage. After it stopped raining we took a three mail hike to the old Russian Fort. Sorry, no pictures. I had left my camera in case it rained again. But it really wasn't much more than a pile of rocks. It was built in the 1700s but abandoned in the 1860s. Not much left. It didn't rain until after we returned to the cottage so we had good timing.
Still full from lunch we decided on a light supper so we grilled up some pineapple from the farmer's market and some papaya and mango we bought at the grocery. It was so yummy off the grill. Tonight we are watching The Hobbit. And I can hear thunder in the distance once again.

As I said before, we move tomorrow and Tom didn't think we'd have Internet access so this may be my last post. If that's the case I'll have more pictures when we return home next Saturday. Thanks for reading through all this. Hope you have a wonderful week!
One last very gorgeous flower from today. This one we saw in Koloa.

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Pat (mspfd) said...

Beautiful, exotic flowers. Hope the weather improves.

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