Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Missing my Craft Action

Howdy friends! If you've wondered where I am, I am in Las Vegas for work this week at a conference. While Vegas is so much warmer than Indiana and the sun is shining all the time, I am missing home and my crafting. The conference is great fun and Vegas has been spectacular but I find myself hoping Wednesday gets here very soon. My DH told me this morning that there will be snow tomorrow morning so that's a downer but he said it was supposed to bounce back to 60 by Friday. I'll take that! I've been walking almost 8 miles a day. I am wearing my pedometer. The conference is spread out all over the MGM hotel and conference center so there is lots of walking. Before I left home, I started a Diabetes Prevention Program so I am recording everything I eat and trying to keep my fat grams below 33 grams per day. So far I have been under everyday, (yeah me!) so today I am going to splurge and eat what I want. But between watching my diet and all the walking I hope that when I weigh in at my class on Thursday that I have lost some weight this week. Who goes to Vegas and loses weight? LOL! That won't make the promotional literature for Las Vegas for sure.
Well, it's almost 6:30 am so I better get moving and head down to breakfast before my first session. Hope your week is going well. It will be a while longer before I get back to crafting so hang in there with me. When I get back early Thursday morning I then have to work on Thursday and Friday and then a trip to Cincinnati for a wedding shower and to celebrate my FIL's 84th birthday on the weekend. So here's to next week when I can finally get back to my routine. LOL! Have a wonderful rest of your week and weekend!


Pat (mspfd) said...

Have a safe trip home, and enjoy your visit with family. I'll be on the lookout for your next blog post.

Shelly Schmidt said...

Enjoy your trip! Sounds sunny and yes, we are expecting a winter storm to breeze thru and leave us more...snow! Enjoy all of your fun and we'll see you when you are back to creating!

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