Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I am so excited they are predicting sunshine for tomorrow. I can't remember the last sun I've seen. Unfortunately we only have one day and the rain returns. I keep hoping that the waterworks will turn off. But it doesn't seem to want to stop. I just know that one of these days I'll be wishing for rain.
I know I've been an awful blogger lately. I have been working on things but I just haven't had time to share them. I promise I will. Tonight I needed a card for a graduate who is having her own art display this weekend. Here's the card I made for her.

I know this is short but it's almost past my bedtime and I have more to do. Thanks for stopping and come back on Thursday for the next Delightful Challenge episode. Have a great Wednesday!


1 comment:

Lorie said...

Oh, my goodness Donna! That is lovely! Glad you are doing well!

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