Sunday, September 21, 2014

Basket Weaving

So for my next project for Girl Scouts, I've been asked to teach weaving at a camp out on the first weekend in October. So I came up with this woven basket to make with the girls.

I made the basket from strips of wall paper since we have tons of that in the Girl Scout shed. I  used staples in three places to hold it together. Here's a look at the inside.

Now to cut all the supplies I need. Hope you have a wonderful week! Thanks for stopping.


1 comment:

Stef H said...

from weddings to girl scouts. you sure are busy and this basket is fabulous!

nice cool fall weather here, tho a bit chilly IN the house this a.m. - like 60 degrees. brrrrr.

have a great week.

hugs :)

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